27th International exhibition of security and fire protection equipment and products
30 October – 1 November 2018 • Lenexpo, St. Petersburg, Russia

The interview with Securika St. Petersburg exhibition organisers

The exhibition of security and fire protection equipment and products Securika St. Petersburg is held in St. Petersburg over 20 years. A lot of events have happened in the market during this time: economic ups and downs, the emergence of fundamentally new technologies and products, key players changes and many more. In an interview with the head of the exhibition, Elena Kuptsevich, will tell what have changed at the exhibition during this time, and what can we expect from Securika St. Petersburg this year.

Elena, all we know Securika St. Petersburg exhibition. What are the key values of the exhibition?

For companies-participants the exhibition is first of all an effective tool for increasing sales or as it used to say now – lead generation. All companies have a need to find new customers or maintain the loyalty of existing ones, and the exhibition perfectly meets this need. The exhibition is the territory of handshakes. The participants have the opportunity to hold a lot of personal meetings with clients and partners, that is very important in this area.

Annually the exhibition is visited by over 3, 500 representatives of installation organisations, design and engineering organisations, trading companies, end-users, representatives of industrial enterprises, construction organisations, transport infrastructure objects, public gathering places, transport companies, banks, security companies and many other organisations.

What's new at the exhibition in 2017?

The main work will be focused on the exhibition content updating. Two new conferences will be held within the business programme of the exhibition. One of them will be devoted to CCTV systems, the second one – to fire prevention.

The programme is based on the answers to the issues that professionals of the industry face in their work. We talked with representatives of installation companies – integrators and installers, design companies, manufacturers and suppliers of products in the field of security and fire protection and found out what's really interesting to them. Therefore, we expect many new visitors from the cities of the Northwestern region and other regions of Russia.

In 2017, we have also updated the content of the conference `Information security. Nevsky Dialogue` reorienting it in the direction of solving the real business problems of consumers, including those ones that are associated with the emergence of new threats in cybersecurity.

How else do you plan to attract professionals to the exhibition?

An extensive advertising campaign is launched, a particular emphasis is placed on attracting the experts from different cities of the Northwest region. In fact, there will be a separate programme for the exhibition promotion in each of the cities of the Northwest region: Pskov, Petrozavodsk, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Cherepovets and others. There will be tested a number of new tools to attract visitors. Representatives of companies, who are particularly expected by the exhibition participants, we will invite personally.