All-Russian Volunteer Fire Organization (hereinafter - VDPO)

191102, Russia, St. Petersburg, 10, korp. 2, pom. 9-N, street Fuchika
Phone number
+7 (812) 4080001; +7 (812) 9950101
Fax number
+7 (812) 4080001
About company
Having risen 125-year path of development of SPb city office All-Russian social organization “All-Russian Volunteer Fire Organization” (VDPO) professional services in the field of fire safety of buildings, structures, premises in the North West region. VDPO is one of the most progressive supply chains of fire products. VDPO is today working to cover settlements from fires forces of voluntary fire units of the fire-preventive maintenance of enterprises and organizations, training of population in fire safety.