ERVIST Company

111020, Russia, Moscow, 2-nd Sinichkina str., 9A, block 10, BC Sinitca Plasa
Phone number
+8 (800) 7753098; +7 (495) 9874757
Fax number
+8 (800) 7753098; +7 (495) 9874757
About company
Founded in 1996, ERVIST Group provides integrated industrial safety solutions and supply safety systems employed in arduous conditions: hazardous explosion and aggressive environments, sea water, extreme climate conditions, etc. ERVIST markets explosion-proof products of the Russian vendors, its own proprietary products and acts as a dealer for the global majors. Today we are the largest supplier of explosion-proof and industrial fire safety systems in Russia.
Yausa, Elan', Plasma, Tolmatch, ProCab, Relion, Prometey, Spectron, VESDA, OSID, WAGNER TITANUS