Communications Ltd

198095, Russia, Saint Petersburg, Business-center Troizky, 10 Mitrofanevskoe avenue
Phone number
+7 (800) 7009483; +7 (812) 6221126
Fax number
+7 (812) 4491710
About company
The "Communications" company – is a system integrator in the field of industrial and transportation hubs with the modern systems of operational and technological communication and the alert to ensure industrial safety. The company provides comprehensive solutions that include design, supply, installation of equipment, as well as its technical support. High-tech products are used in oil and gas, mining, chemical, defense industry, the public sector, the power industry and the steel industry, airports, railway stations and seaports.
DVS-21, ProCom, Funktel, Telegrafia, FHF, DNH, Funke+Huster-Fernsig